More Sets of Hands

Greetings – After posting yesterday’s hands I decided to give the hands a second try. This time I took a picture of the BW drawn hands and went completely digital in Procreate on my iPad.

Full color and a sepia duotone. The sepia hands reminds me of rock art.

15 thoughts on “More Sets of Hands

  1. Rebecca says:

    Hi Sharon – I love these, remind me of Native American art too, for some reason. I see that you’re working with ProCreate – I’m just trying to get to grips with converting hand-drawn stuff to digital and cleaning up backgrounds etc; I don’t have an iPad but do have a Mac. Sorry to hijack your post, but please can I ask what software you’d use for this type of process? I’ve been trying out Inkscape but it seems a bit prone to falling over, and also appears to have a few ‘quirks’… I suspect I might have to pay for a decent package, but am really uncertain which way to go – any advice gratefully accepted! 🙂


    • Sharon Mann says:

      Hi Rebecca – Thank you for your comment. In regards to your application comment: The best program I know for what you want to do is Photoshop, which works with the Mac. The program is expensive, but I believe they have a new program version. where you can download an app and pay monthly. Procreate is a drawing app only. I think it may be about $10 to buy on the app store. I have used Photoshop since its beginning in 1993. I highhly recommend it. I hope this helps.


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