Candy Corn…plus Rodeo Dr.

With Halloween just around the corner, I’m ready for my favorite Halloween candy…

I made a small watercolor and watecolor pencil sketch. I then made some alterations in Procreate for the iPad.

Candy corn, so sweet
Once a year I will indulge
The color superb

a few artsy photos from my trip to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, CA


Admiring the Tiffany Jewels

Looking in the Gucci window

My great nieces and me and my niece taking the picture in the mirror at the Gucci store.



22 thoughts on “Candy Corn…plus Rodeo Dr.

  1. Osyth says:

    I admit I was not entirely prepared for Candy Corn when in the US last year. That I quickly became addicted and had to consider rehab is a testimony to their ludicrously sweetness. Rodeo Drive must be amazing … I just loved those reflective pictures in the windows of unattainable Aladdin’s Caves with your beautiful Grand-Daughters 🎃 ❤️ 💃


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