When I was a kid, we had lived with a green parakeet named Timmy. He was an important member of our family. My mom would let him out of the cage and he followed us around the house. And, the best part was Timmy mimmicked what we said. Anything we repeated, became Timmy’s dialogue during the day. My favorite phrase was “Sharon, bring me your brush!” Every morning my mom would call out the demand to comb my hair.  Timmy would yell out the phrase as well. Timmy lived with us for 8 years, it was a said day when he died.

30 thoughts on “Timmy

  1. nanasworldweb says:

    That’s awesome about Timmy being able to mimic! I’ve had parakeets before but never managed to teach them to talk. I had an Amazon parrot once that was barely beginning to say “Hello” before it got loose and flew away! I love your drawing too! 😀


  2. agneslise says:

    I had the same Timmy when my son was young but he never spook because he was not alone. But I have a friend who have a parakeet who speak and it’s funny because, but he is not speaking , singing like a parakeet but like a Human ! I imagine hiw much you had be sad when Timmy died.


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