Expand your Horizons

One sure way to pick up your mood and see life on a brighter side…is make some art. My morning pick me up and warm up was originally painted and then altered in the Procreate app for the IPad.  Its going to be a good day.

Original watercolor

Color alterations and additions made in Procreate on the IPad

27 thoughts on “Expand your Horizons

  1. Osyth says:

    I just wanted to let you know that you and Jodi HAVE expanded my horizons. Since Christmas I have been taking a little time each day to draw and paint and although my results don’t amount to anything to shout about the process, the improvement, the concentration on a different creativity has been liberating and still is. My third daughter stayed with me for a few days earlier in the month – she is currently doing a 2-year Art Foundation prior to embarking on a Batchelor’s in Illustration and she was quite enchanted by the fact that finally we can sit and paint together (she is FAR more talented but it didn’t seem to matter). So thank you Sharon, it was you two that made me think, maybe, just maybe I can – so I did!

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  2. Judi Castille says:

    Great idea. Osyth has often spurred me into getting on with my French projects and now she is painting too, I must get on with my painting. I am writing children’s books (well attempting too) and want to do the illustration work. I haven’t done any painting since my teens so big learning curve again – but loving the therapeutic side of it in the dark evening. Going to explore your site for inspiration.


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