Playing with Paper

Today’s offering is a combination of paper’s ready for the garbage bin. The background is torn paper glued together in no particular order. The woman is cut out from a catalog magazine. Once she was glued to the background, I painted her with several layers white gouache. When the paint was dry, I used Derwent watercolor pencil to redraw the woman and her outfit. All in all, a very fun art project.

30 thoughts on “Playing with Paper

  1. -N- says:

    Like “The Painted Apron” said – your process is so creative. If I weren’t so focused on what I am doing right now, I’d be tempted. You should give a class on recycling to make a picture – I’ll sign up right away!


  2. Jill Kuhn says:

    Hi Sharon, I like how you painted over her with white gouache and then reinvented her! How cool is that!! 😃 She looks like she is out for a walk on a blustery day… we are having one here. 🌿🍂


  3. Judi Castille says:

    Gouache seems hard to get now. Everything is acrylics but I miss that chalky finish. Love the layering here. I am still struggling to decide how to start illustrations for my books. I like the mix materials though as very tactile.


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