Deep in Thought

My good friend Ann, stayed with me last week and as she was busy at her computer, it was the perfect time for me to practice some people sketching. I loved having a room mate for a few days.

I’m working on an art journal called Words and Pictures.

And of course the continued Alphabet…presenting L and M.

24 thoughts on “Deep in Thought

  1. weisserwatercolours says:

    ….such intimate ‘sketches’ become cherished acts of devotion over the years, able to be resurrected and framed and given on special occasions as a remembrance and keepsake. To us they may be exercises and challenges in the moment, but to the recipient they are very much more when shared years, maybe decades later, yes? I know you already know this and love how we can share our gifts in special ways as time passes and makes such work a lovely gift of the heart.


  2. Jet Eliot says:

    The sketch of your friend and the accompanying poem are wonderful. And I love L and M, lovely and magnificent. You captured the lovebird’s quizzical look and glorious colors. And M is also a joy, love learning a new bird today, and your expression of the marigold is delightful, with the squiggly lines. What joy here, Sharon…thank you.


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