Game of Cards

🙂 WARNING: this post will take some time to view, so grab a cup of coffee or tea and Enjoy!

I’m so happy to be finally posting the two Illustrated deck of cards made by my good friend Claudia McGill and myself made over the last 6 months. We took our time and did not give ourselves a deadline.

To see both of the completed card decks, here is a link to a new page on the menu at the top of my home page entitled Game of Cards.

How we got started

Last year in the fall (2017),  Claudia and I started this project together called the Game of Cards. Many of you are already familiar with Claudia’s prolific and amazing art making of ceramics, painting, illustration, collage  and more, plus  her creative and thoughtful writing. This is the third time we have collaborated together, and there will be more to come!

Claudia is also posting our Game of Cards project today so you can click this link to visit her art blog.
Claudia’s poetry is located here:

We decide it would be fun to each design a deck of cards and collaborate with each other. There is a total of 104 cards ( a daunting thought at the time we started) to present to you, a link is at the top of the page for all the cards.

We would work on two sets cards at time, then bundle them up and mail them to each other. Every time I recieved Claudia’s envelope of cards I was so excited to see what she had sent, I know that was happening at her end, too. We would email each other and gleefully give praise and express our happiness about the project. And, that just movtivated us even more to get the art done.

The JOy of Making Art together

Making the Game of Cards with Claudia has brought me so much joy. It is amazing how art brings us all together on WordPress. I’ve made so many incredible friends through the sharing of our creative thoughts. Claudia and I have been online friends well over 4 years. I would have never met her had it not been our exploration with blogging on WordPress.  We both have different styles of art but when we combine our creativity it is magic. Everything we do enhances the others artistic style. Thank you so much Claudia for this unforgettable experience and I look forward to more of our art making together.

Finished Cards

Size and Supplies: 4.25” x 6” cereal box cardboard, gesso, acrylic and collage.

You can now see how we both had two different approaches designing the cards. That added to the fun and suspense throughout the time we made the art.
Here is the link, again, to the complete set of cards:

Claudia started this deck and I added to each card.

I started this deck and used an animal theme and Claudia added her amazing style on the opposite side of each card.








35 thoughts on “Game of Cards

  1. -N- says:

    What an amazing project! The creativity and process must have been exponential in the process. I am always fascinated where the mind – and your creativity – can wander.


  2. Laura (PA Pict) says:

    This project looks to have been incredible fun. I love the results.

    PS I am so glad Claudia posted about this because it led me to realise that I was somehow no longer getting your blog posts in my Reader. I have unfollowed and then followed again and hopefully that will rectify that situation.


  3. the Painted Apron says:

    oh Sharon, what a fabulous project!! I do love how you managed to create this incredible project so many miles apart!! Loved hearing your story and the background. Artists have an instant bond, as do bloggers…it’s kind of like when one of my non blogging friends asks me about blogging, it’s really hard to explain the magic of the connections we make with each other, just like artists feel an instant connection that you really don’t understand unless you are an artist. Thanks for sharing all the details of your beautiful creations! Psst…your funny dressed up bird creatures would make a fabulous deck of cards too!! I can just picture the ladies playing bridge with them!


    • Sharon Mann says:

      Thank you so much Jenna. I know what you mean. We get to know one another in a artistic way that is hard to explain and it keeps the creative imagination going. Thanks for visiting and I’m glad you enjoyed these cards.


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