Bird talk

When I walk in the morning, I see so many different types of birds. My apartment backs up to the Los Padres trail hikes in the Santa Monica Mountains, so I have lots of company along the walk. And, this what prompted my addition to my Words and Pictures Art Journal.

Red Tail Hawk

Bird Talk
Morning light is dancing on the sidewalk.
My footsteps gather speed.
Circling overhead is a Red Tail Hawk.
Does he expect me to follow his lead?

I’ll stay on my intended road,
moving in circles is for my flying friend.
I wonder, is he sending me a message in bird code,
using his feather movement in the wind.

As my footsteps collect in numbers, I come upon an abandon shed.
The building is quite old and in need of care.
I look to the roof and see something ahead.
My flying follower is perched and givng me a glare.

If only we could communicate, on this walk.
He’s obviously curious about my travels on the road.
Can I communicate in bird talk?
I can flap my arms to send my message in human code.

Oh, just a fantasy I dream of,
understanding the tweets and chatters,
of the Hawks, Crows, Blue Jays, Quail and the Morning Dove.
It’s nice to be among feathered friends, that’s all that matters.

10 thoughts on “Bird talk

  1. Jill Kuhn says:

    Wow! Your poem is wonderful, Sharon!! ❤️ And I love your Red Tailed Hawk drawing! Your post delights me today…I wish we could understand what our feathered friends are saying! 🐦


  2. memadtwo says:

    I was just thinking about the hawk that used to perch on the tree outside my old residence. I haven’t seen one here yet.
    But that one was definitely trying to tell you something…(K)


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