Working with Procreate

I was visiting and Nina posted she had recently loaded Procreate on her iPad. I’ve been using the app, Procreate, for several years now. I use the program to make art by layering color, textures and collage pieces. Here is sample of a practice session.

This is an original color pencil sketch made several years ago I inserted into Procreate.

I added a layer on top of the original art and I made a line drawing around the Toucan, leaves and limb.

Here is a close up of the layers I used to add color and insert other images to acheive the final art. Once I traced around the actual art, I turned of that layer. You can see at the bottom the box is black without a check mark.

The final art….As I added color and images in the layers I whould erase what I didn’t need.
The background, leaves and limb are from another piece of collage art, the black body is from a picture I took of a woman’s skirt. I toned down the background by adding a layer of faded white and used the sketch tool Organic/Concrete Block to add some texture..

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