26 thoughts on “B&W Drawings

  1. Ellen says:

    Benjamin says : “I love Bumblebees the bestest of bees!” After seeing this bee, he needed time to choose a name and now we are back. I had to laugh at his choice of “Benjaboo”, I used to call him that when he was a very wee one. I haven’t called him that for quite some time. You must admit that Benjaboo the Bumblebee has a bit of a ring to it! Your pen and ink drawings are so beautiful. I love the adorable couple in the second picture. There are so many little details you added to each part with your pen. Thank-you, you have added much beauty to this day!

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  2. Ellen says:

    Benjamin insists that I tell you that the names in the second picture are : “He and She”! This is a bit of a surprise as he usually refuses to use she, everyone is a he in Benjamin’s world. It isn’t that he doesn’t understand the difference, he just prefers to use “he” most of the time.

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