Chairs and Dogs

Happy Monday….Five years ago I made a series of drawing of dogs and chairs. I did post these during that time when I had another blog. But, I thought I might post them again. The original art was watercolor and I then made some color changes In Photoshop.  Now I need to draw cats and birds with chairs.



48 thoughts on “Chairs and Dogs

  1. Richie D Richards says:

    Sharon, I always enjoy your art, but absolutely love these dogs and chairs. I do hope you can do the cats and birds and chairs. One being the Cat Bird Seat!


  2. Claudia McGill says:

    These are FABULOUS. I love how the chair and the dog(s) in each picture have a relationship. There is a story to each one. You know, I’m not much of a dog lover, but these are just so appealing, and with a nice sense of humor in each one. I really hope you’ll do cats. I am laughing right now imagining what you might come up with!

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  3. Laura (PA Pict) says:

    What a fun series of illustrations. When I was studying Art and Design in High School, my thesis was a study of classic chair designs so I like the chair theme. As someone who is owned by two cats, I look forward to seeing what you do with your cat theme.


  4. Yul says:

    As people mentioned, I like that the dog and the chair seem to have matching personality and that they seem to be waiting for someone. I get to wonder whether the person’s personality will match the chair and dog’s.


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