Happy Day!

Have a beautiful day!

These watercolors are from my archives. I’ve been busy this week helping with an art show at my granddaughter’s school, so there has been little time for my own art.


Good Morning…I’ve returned from my trip. It is good to be home and back to my normal schedule.
I’m not sure why I decided to sketch chickens but I love the many varieties. You may see a few more of these cuties in the next few days.


Have a day of peace and serenity where ever you are. I’ll be on a short trip and won’t be posting for a few days. See you again on Sunday.

My jellyfish were drawn with a white pen in black paper. I then added a special effect in Photoshop Effects on the iPhone for the added blue tones. Sometimes technology has it’s advantages.

Size; 5″ x 7″

Look to the Garden

Here is some art from the archives…I was very involved with fabric illustration for many years. At the present time I don’t have the room to keep the stash of fabric, etc to make fabric art. ¬†Watercolor and pens take up much less room.

A Walk in the Park

Good Morning…This postcard came about from a watercolor practice sheet of color and circles and a black and white copy made of the design. I made the trees from the original art and the dog is cut out from the B&W version. And, as usual I add some patterns on the grass and sky. Just having fun!

Size 5″ x 7″


When I was a kid, our family pet was a Basset Hound named Pokey. She loved the whole family. She lavished us with unconditional love and adoring companionship.