Lost and Found…and Letter H

Good Morning…a couple of new items today. I’ve been working on making a journal of words and pictures. This is one of new insertions. My life has gone through considerable change in the last three years, so the poem and art reflects my thoughts. And, Letter H is below.

Lost and Found
I’m not lost, but I feel lost.
I know where I live, but where do I live?

Traveling with a new map has taken me off the main road.
Making u-turns, right turns, left turns, stopping and starting over.
The bumpy ride is full of potholes and distractions.

I’ve lost some people along my main road and there is no going back.
They have gone to a new place and I’m unable to visit.

So, I return to my maze of travel.
I may feel lost but I’ve found that I’m making my way back home.

And, letter H from my alphabet project.