Greetings – This morning I was making a swatch of each color from my Inktense Block paints. When I was done I decided to link them together. A fun warm up for the day, now on to some watercolor painting.


The Crows are Talking

I live in Thousand Oaks in Southern California and I’m surrounded by rolling hills, oak trees and lots of birds. Every morning, I wake to the crows talking to eacn other.

This acrylic painting was made last year. I rarely paint in acrylics these days but I’m finding an interest again.


Transformed Handwork

Good Morning – originally the embroidery you see here was made several years ago. The image is from a drawing my daughter had made of bamboo. The embroidery has been in a box for several years. Sometimes putting something away and then finding it again opens the doors for new creativity.

I recently added the beads and the backdrop is watercolor (on the backside of a canvas) and crinkled paper bag.

Size: 12 x 12


Good Morning! My morning drawing warm up…not sure why I drew cactus. I am going to a new plant nursery on Friday, so I guess plants are on my mind. I used Tombow pens and a sepia pen.

Collage Inspirations

I’m inspired by the many artists I follow who use collage as a way of interpreting their creative process. I love to make art with all kinds of fibers and paper, too. Also, the materials are readily available and many ready for the trash bin, :-).

Two versions ( I’m happy with both)


I reversed the color in Photoshop Express for the iPhone.